Tuesday, January 21, 2014

So there's a thing ... :)

I was just over at P&E because I am checking someone out ... and decided to have another look at the tallies for the 17th Annual Critters/P&E Readers Poll. There are 36 categories.
And the thing ...
As you know Soundbyte came 3rd in the thriller category. (You knew that right? 'Cos you're here checking out my inane rambling blog all the time ...)
And there's a thing.
Here it is:

Yep, it's a thing. :)

Next year I want the First place thing. Just putting that out there - knowing full well how damn awesome Databyte is and how much you'll all love it when it's released by Rebel ePublishers in May/June this year.

Currently I am mulling over an email from my glorious editor at Rebel. It's something I've been thinking about and now it's something I need to act upon. It's a little bit scary. Been a long while since I've written any kind of query letter and this time I'm not looking for a literary agent, this time it's all about selling The _byte series film/TV rights. Yeah, that.

I'm also polishing the fuck out of eraserbyte. My self-imposed deadline is approaching and I need this book done and off my desk.

Yesterday most of the morning was sucked up by computer issues. Switching towers because I needed more power - losing Office Pro 10 in the process. Bit grrrr. BUT, I rarely write on the PC, so for now, if I do need to use the PC for writing - Open Office will suffice.
Then it took a wee bit of time to fix the sound issues. Action Man couldn't find a solution. I did. In fact I fixed it. Quite pleased with myself. :)

At lunch time I'm taking Weather-Girl over to college ... uniform and stationery. That'll be painful but needs to be done. Can't believe she's a senior this year and doing NCEA. How'd that happen?

That's it from me today. I just wanted to share the thing, cos it's pretty damn cool. I much appreciate all your votes. xx

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