Thursday, January 23, 2014

Shiny new prettiness

I've been busy this week.
Creating new print covers.
Yes, this is about new print covers! So shiny and pretty. :)
Quite looking forward to getting my hands on the re-vamped print books.

Now you can see them too. They'll be available sometime in the next four or so days.
It was actually fun to do these. Except for the Glock flash drive shitting itself and taking 8 hours of work with it. It's now a paperweight. Just fuck!

front cover print version 2014
front cover print version 2014

front cover print version 2014
It's quite annoying when a new flash drive dies and cannot be reformatted. Grrrrr.
Usually I back up in three places as I work ... but I didn't. I was moving files from laptop to PC and for whatever reason I didn't simply put the files on Skydrive and access them that way. Dunno why, I always do that. An act of stupid, obviously. 
Words were said ... none of them good.

The flash drive is hanging from my crime scene lanyard, mocking me. 

I have opened the new penguin flash drive I got for Christmas. Emtec. I love Emtec. 

Oh, and, we're working on the databyte cover. It might look something like this ... not this exactly, but something like this:

Yes I do like clouds.
I have hundreds of cloud pictures. Am always taking photos of clouds. Imagine that?
Clouds and water. :)

Now, I need to go do stuff.
Write. Yes. That. 
And possibly get dressed? Can't really spend all day in my jammies and Hi Vis robe?
Yeah, probably not. 

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