Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It's Tuesday. (Now having a Miranda moment ... )

Blogger has been rather annoying this morning. Maybe it doesn't like Tuesday. Damn, Miranda again. Sigh.

Moving right along.

The last few days have been all kinds of joy and fun ... possibly not everyone's cup of tea but most definitely mine.
It started because oldest daughter shared a link to Forensic Cushions ... seriously, how freaking cool. Then she shared the price. $250 ... I don't freaking think so.

This is the result ... playing with fabric paint blood and calico ... and probably worrying the neighbors as some of this involved throwing or squirting (blood) at fabric hanging on the washing line :)

It's been suggested that I get my cushion fetish from my mum ... yeah nah, maybe, Grasshopper, maybe. :)

all the cushions
also ... bags!! 

directional spatter
high velocity

cast off

low velocity

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