Friday, January 10, 2014

It's a new year ... so now what?

I returned last night from 9 days in Mahau Sound.
It's a beautiful place (photos later). It's also home. Usually I have the most wonderful time being home. No stress, just hanging out with Superman and the kids, going to the beach, going into Havelock or Blenheim. Holiday, ya know?

This time was different. I was sick (had been in bed for a few days almost a week - yeah that sick, flu) when I took the kids on an early sailing south. Not really in the best state for a vacation but the sea air would (and did) dramatically improve my asthma and the holiday was going to happen sick or not. So may as well just do it?
The other big difference - no laptop. OMG. Turns out that's a huge thing and it ain't happening again. I can survive without WiFi (phone + 3G = all good) but not having the ability to write, fuck that. Seriously, did my head in. Combine that with no music, a kid who hates the outdoors, another kid who had no one to play with, and the shittiest weather I can remember at this time of year ... it wasn't ideal.
I know one person who probably wishes I didn't have email access on my phone. :)
I think through my fingertips. It's become quite obvious that using a pen and paper to write is no longer my thing. Notebooks are for research notes and odd scenes, not for actual writing, that has to happen on a keyboard.
A few other things combined to make the holiday less than perfect.
But in saying that - Superman and I got some stuff done. Important stuff. And I love being with him. It's easy. Always has been, we don't get on each others nerves, we just get on with it. He enjoys having the girls around too and it's so good for them to spend time with their Grandy.
This time - we went through photos. Four hours one night and another two the next day.
My life in pictures. I have a lot of the photos with me here now, a lot of memories.
We buried Nana and Granddad's ashes, side by side, they way they always liked to be.
The Admins came in for a few days. They hadn't been in Mahau before. I think they liked it.
We scattered The Motherships ashes on the Sound.
(That was a big thing and I don't want to talk about it.)

On the way home we called into Ngakuta (now there's a place that holds a LOT of happy memories and some particularly crazy ones). Seeing Murray and Wayne was great. It pushed the stress away.
We were kids together and now we're all grown up - supposedly - don't feel very grown up most of the time. Standing there outside the bach ... I could see us as young teens. I half expected to hear Mum and Myra laughing. Was easier when we were kids. Adults did the hard stuff  - we just swam and fished. :) Life hadn't happened to us yet.

So anyway, it's a new year. I haven't made New Year resolutions for a long time. I was asked if I'd made any. (But really wasn't in the right space to be thinking about it.) I did come up with a couple, but I think they need work, later.
Go gently is definitely the way to go at the moment.

Top of the list is to finish eraserbyte - well, it is finished. But it needs polishing, tweaking, and I thought I'd have it done by Christmas and I didn't. I really don't like starting a new year with things on my desk from the previous year!
There's another project that is about to see the light of day - it's very secret squirrel - so you'll have to wait.
Meanwhile ...


Jan 1 2014

Mahau Sound Jan 2 2014

This little guy hit the window - Squealer saved him.

Sunset on Mahau
The flowers for scattering on the Sound

Admin One and me fishing off the beach

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