Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wednesday Dec 11 2013

Dear Diary,
No I don't have any sixes ... go fish.

If I wrote a journal that would be today's entry - maybe not exactly that ... but definitely along those lines.

Action Man announced last night that he would like a really good Christmas album. Well, crikey, that's new! He's all Christmasy this year. It's rather nice. :)
So tomorrow - we'll go have a look and see what we can find.
Nothing Christmasy happens in our house until AFTER my birthday. It's the rules. It's how it's always been. Once tomorrow is out of the way it's full on Christmas here.
There will be decking the halls (you have to know us to get that one) this coming weekend. Sunday probably, as we're trapped in Wainui at the Scout Camp on Saturday for Action Man's work BBQ. I did say trapped. Been there? If so you know what I mean. I'm not even sure I'll have internet access on my phone! It's the back of beyond ... and I won't know anyone. :) Yeah could be an opportunity to meet people ... or become very friendly with a bottle of Pinot. Could go either way.
Just in case I require an alternative... I shall have a notebook with me and several pens - might be the chance to get these stories written for the lovely Graeme at Writer's Plot.


One true, one not. Such fun. Just not really in a writing place at this point in the week ... or this week? I dunno. Yeah, I do, but I'm not keen on elaborating.

No I don't have any sevens.
Go fish.


I think I'll immerse myself in eraserbyte today ... this is the perfect week to explode things ... well I've already exploded them - at this point I'm just checking/tweaking/adding detail to those explosions and a few other scenes.

Have a good one.
Best advice I can give this week ... don't piss me off.


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