Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tired, that is all.

Really tired.
How many multivitamins can you take in one day? Just out of curiosity ... and the fact that coffee and food has done nothing.
Oh, hang on.
I have No Doze.
And that folks begs a question change ... how much caffeine can I consume in one day before I have a bad reaction? (Bearing in mind that a normal cup of coffee for me contains 4 espresso shots and I have had a few today.)
I have a feeling we're going to be finding out ... it's either that or fall asleep and miss the Leonard Cohen concert tonight which will disappoint the hell out of Superman and therefore is not a real option at all.
It's possible I've lost my commas and full stops during the consumption of caffeine?
Still have question marks so it's all good.
So last night ... zero sleep. Not good. Not good at all because I was already low on sleep and now I'm totally fucked.
Been Christmas shopping with Superman this morning. All his Christmas shopping done, just like that ... in pure awesome fashion.
Did I mention I'm freaking exhausted?
I opted out of going to Silverstream - decided to go tomorrow instead but Superman said he'd go. So he is. Awesome. He's all the good things all at once, comes from being a super hero.
I just need to stay awake and not lose the plot ... so we can go see Leonard Cohen tonight. :)
Sounds easy huh?
Yeah nah.
On the plus side I'll be back in my bed on Thursday night ... and I'll be able to sleep? Yeah, that's the hope. My bed = sleep.
Am really enjoying all the Christmas music.
That might appear a bit random ... but only because you can't hear what's on the stereo at the moment. Yep, Christmas songs.
Loving them.
Will love them a fuck lot more on Boxing Day. :) :)
Hope y'all are having a good week.
I actually got some work done yesterday afternoon ... would like to be doing some now but ... not a good idea!!

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