Saturday, December 28, 2013

The saga of the laptop ...

I fear this is an on going thing and therefore a saga. Annoying! But not super annoying.

Dropped into visit a couple of computer techs yesterday - we all agree the issue sounds like a connection. Really enjoyed chatting with them - nice to be able to let my inner (so not well hidden) geek out.
I can take it in on Monday and they'll have a look ... or I can leave my laptop behind and have a real holiday and Admin Bubbles will see if her most trusted tech can sort it once everyone's back at work.

Just as we were about to leave the techs ... we spotted flash drives. Oh the joy. Seriously. R2D2, storm troopers, Yoda, minions - back in we went for another pure geek conversation. They can get the bullet flash drives and dog tag flash drives ... priced so much better than Amazon. Much discussion over watch flash drives and Glocks. I confessed to having a flash drive collection. Think we all know I'll be a frequent flyer at that shop.
8 gig drives that are super cute for a lot less than anyone else does them ... happy happy joy joy.

What I do need to do before this machine goes anywhere for repairs is to remove all my data. Grrrrr. Big job. I update it all regularly but I think I'll just dump the hard drive contents on the external and load it all back when it's fixed.
A new laptop would be ideal BUT ... Microsoft have happily screwed us consumers. I need this drive (well the applications on it), so the solution would be drop the drive into a new case etc. Yeah nah. Can't do that any more, thank you Microsnot. Blue screen of no return is not a nice thing to see. The drive has a quick look at the new configuration and new hardware and says "nope, this isn't where I should be" and that's the end of that. And because Office Pro 13 was a download via Action Man's work ... I can't re-install it on a new drive. Plus, Office 10 was an upgrade/download ... and I used all the licences for Office 7. (My laptop, my PC, and then The Boy Wonder's laptop.)
Never mind.
We'll get there.
Meanwhile ... laptop free vacation? (That's actually a little bit scary.)
Superman said (when we were discussing it) "That's what pencils and notebooks are for."
I'm way ahead of him on that ... four notebooks lined up ready to go and a pencil case full of pens. :)

Am almost finished reading databyte.

Action Man was giving me a hard time about databyte yesterday ... said it's a romance.  Say what? So isn't. He tells me I write 'boys stories' and databyte isn't as boyish as usual and therefore in his opinion not my best work. What?
I countered with "Anna loves it, it's her favorite so far" ... he came back with  "Anna is a girl."
Um, yeah, so am I!
Digging deeper ... it's the wedding in databyte that has caused this.
Yeah nah, still not seeing how it's a romance??? (June people ... you can judge for yourselves in June!)
It's got several layers of pure dark festering within it ... not so much romance.
Although, to be honest, it made me laugh that a wedding scene caused the romance label. Not sure what he'll make of Eraserbyte then. (So hard to keep the smirk off my face while I'm writing this and thinking about Eraserbyte.)

Moving on. :)

Waiting for the weather to improve now ... typically I have dresses I want to wear and the weather is shitty. :) Figured floaty dresses solve the problem of my shorts being too big. Clever? We'll see. Long summery dresses ... so pretty. And most importantly - matching nail polish. Summer sun can come back now!
Superman said they were party dresses, they so aren't. (But could be ...)

Suppose I should get on with the day ... am not feeling very well. Have a cold. Not a fan.

Hope y'all had a great Christmas.

Cat x

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