Thursday, December 26, 2013


Odd title?
Yeah nah ... my blogs often have odd titles ... penguin isn't that odd. Well, okay, maybe it's not that odd to me. I am, after all, looking at the cutest penguin flash drive ever while I write this. :)
Penguin is a word that reminds me of good things. (It's right up there with pirate ... yeah nah, don't ask.)

We survived Christmas ... I think everyone had a nice day? It was fun, noisy, and boozy ... but there is still an awful lot of wine in this house!
Turns out Superman and I can only drink so much bubbly and Carolyn didn't help much.

Today I promised the kids a movie. Frozen. Yep, they REALLY want to see Frozen. Am kinda hoping it'll be on in Upper Hutt at the now re-opened Ascot Cinema  because I don't want to go to Lower Hutt today. Boxing Day ... it'll be insane. Worse than Christmas eve. A very special kind of hell.

Yesterday I put on the nail polishes Breezy gave me for Christmas - neon pink and bright orange. My nails are so bright they take me by surprise every now and then. Just go with it.

Sitting on my desk is a lovely new notebook ... it's whispering to me. Gotta love a whispering notebook. It's not at all creepy. Nope, not at all. It's muttering now ... sounds awfully like Ellie to be honest.
Don't think she got my memo.
"Laptop is about to kill itself. Can't write on PC (because it drives me fucking mental - read: too slow and running Vista which makes me want to smack the tower off my desk while slitting my wrists). Hopefully I can finish polishing/tweaking Eraserbyte before the laptop screen dies but I'm sure as hell not starting anything new!"

Must make sure I backup Psychobyte which was shaping up to be the novel for early 2014 - it's got a first chapter and that's about it. It'll have to wait until the laptop is replaced. That's not going to happen any time soon (or, at all, in the foreseeable future) unless there is a sudden upsurge in book sales.
Not an ideal way to start the new year!!
But I will be away for the first 10 days of 2014 so that'll postpone the horror of not being able to write for a bit. :)

Think I'm going to find out how much I can write in an actual notebook before I get annoyed and flag it completely. So far I've only used notebooks for occasional scenes, notes about scenes/chapters, working out complicated stuff and so forth, not for writing an entire novel. It might be entirely too annoying to attempt?
I'm going to need more pens.

Hope you all had/have a happy safe and wonderful Christmas.

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