Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

The day is disappearing faster than I thought it would. Not quite ready for Christmas eve to slide by so quick, but, hey, we got here ... so good job.

You all know what my year was like - well, you know what I was willing to share ... which I guess is different to really knowing because when it comes to me I don't say a lot. :)

Anyway - moving on - the last round of edits came back two days ago. I'm going away on Jan 1. Stuff is happening before then. So I didn't have the edits sitting there driving me mental and preventing my enjoyment of the Christmas season and subsequent vacation - I got stuck in ... and they're done.
Re-wrote a scene to avoid holes in the wall (you'll see what I mean ... actually no you won't, because I re-wrote it so you'll not know about the bullet holes at all, will you? Just nod and smile ... it's been a long few days/week/month/year).
The re-written scene needed vetting by Action Man (there is a reason he's 'Action Man'), the action needed to work but the resolution couldn't be too easy. He told me it works just fine! So yay me. :)
And then it occurred to me that there wasn't a poem ... what the fuck? A byte book without a poem? How does that even happen?
Funnily enough fixing that was easier than I thought.
Done like a very done thing.
Happy happy joy joy.
(Thank God I know damn well there is a chicken in databyte.)
So what's left?
Dedication and acknowledgments.
Harder than writing the 114k book!

While I'm thinking about writing ...
Super amazing Merry Christmas to "Writer's Plot" ... all of you. Thank you all for coming back every fortnight for the past two years to listen to me! Means a lot!! Love you long time. Looking forward to seeing you all back at the library in Jan. We get to do this all over again. So cool!

Over the last 5 days I've  been giving away copies of the byte series. Starting with killerbyte 4 days ago and ending with soundbyte today. It's been a blast. I hope I'm up to date sending out digital copies!! :)

Christmas eve is also Mark Valley's birthday - so happy birthday Mark, hope you have fabulous day.

That's all from me.
Hope you have a very merry Christmas and a safe happy New Year.

Big love from me and my family.


Squealer and Romeo (and Santa)

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