Sunday, December 15, 2013

Let the festivities commence ...

Birthday's are done for us and it's on with Christmas festivities ... every time I say that I think of Caleb and his 'Christmas festivities' ... code for a goatee, or beard, or any sort of facial hair at Christmas time. He can grow a beard in two days. (Seriously, impressive.)
We're doing Christmas all over again in Feb when Caleb and Lizzie are home ... hopefully there won't be any 'Christmas festivities' hahahaha

Yesterday we were in Wainui at Brookfield Scout Camp for Action Man's work picnic/bbq.
It's a technological black hole. No internet on my phone! No cell service. OMG. It was like going back in time. Thank God I could still use my kindle. :) :)
I did read a little bit. There wasn't a lot else to do.
We had Romeo with us ... he found rabbits. Oh, the happiness on the hounds face when he spotted a rabbit fucking miles away (okay not really miles, maybe 600 meters? I could just make out movement ... he was totally fixed on it.). So off we went to find the bunny. He found two bunnies (no bunnies were harmed in the writing of this blog). Romeo was delighted by the bunnies. Made up for all the lying around in the heat. He also rather liked Santa ... yes Santa called out "Romeo" ... not at all expecting the present to be for a greyhound. hahaha. Priceless. Our girls are not keen on Santa. At all. (They're all for gifts but not about to sit on some strange mans knee to get one. Yes, I have taught them well.)
The dog however would've happily sat on his knee. :)
So, I was lying on the picnic blanket and Action Man reached behind me to get the camera or something and knocked my wine bottle. (A full bottle). The bottle toppled and hit me in the head. It fucking hurt! Head is very tender where it was hit - right on my hair line. Typical really. If anyone is going to get hit anywhere ... it'll be me and it'll be my head. (Or it'll be Jojo and her head - could be a family thing?)
Had a massive headache last night, but think that was more to do with lack of fluids and heat than the wine bottle. (I did end up having half a glass of wine ... yeah, half. Drank a couple of bottles of iced tea. Seems to be my new thing?)
That was yesterday.

Today ... not sure.
Might be a walk with Marian this morning.
Everyone is still asleep.
Breezy is sick ... nasty cold. She'll be fairly quiet today.
Would quite like to get some writing done today ... we'll see. Just hit this headache with some codeine so maybe not writing? :)

Hope y'all are having a good weekend.

now for one of my favorite Christmas songs:

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