Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year - see you all on the other side :)

Hope you all have a happy and safe New Year.
This is my last blog post of the year - you won't hear from me again until after Jan 9.
I'm taking Squealer and Breezy home to Mahau early tomorrow morning.
Am hoping to be flu free by then?
Yeah not looking good but at least I'm getting better.

You can all do something for me while I'm away ... go vote for Soundbyte in the Preditors and Editors readers poll.
As I write this soundbyte is first equal. And that's all manner of cool. I didn't know until Action Man told me this morning. Made me feel pretty good! :)

I'm contemplating packing - it might be a long slow process. The thought of packing while sick ... not fun! Probably need a lie down first.

Am charging my kindle - almost forgot - that would not be ideal! Might go have a wee browse of Amazon and find a few books to take with me. I have a hankering to lie on the beach and read. Which reminds me I'd best taking my prescription sunglasses with me or there won't be any lying on the beach reading at all!

Am hoping I remember to pack my phone charger and iPod. Going to need music. Not taking laptop - for reasons I've stated in previous blog posts.

Having been mostly in bed for the last four days I feel like I've missed much - hate that.

I am questioning the wisdom of getting two kids out of the house at 7 tomorrow morning ... might be quite a mission. Guess I'll be up VERY early. Which is okay, because being sick means I wake up VERY early - I just won't be able to go back to sleep.

Snapped this earlier - so cool!!!
Would like to stay number, so see what y'all can do, okay?

and now actual first :)

Now that will make for a very happy author this New Year. :)

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