Saturday, December 7, 2013


The weekend started with Miss Breezy turning 8 and with dinner&drinks with friends last night. Bitter sweet. Always fun with Anna and Dave but that was our last dinner like that because they're leaving Wellington next weekend. It's been fun! :)
(Anna told me last night that databyte is her favorite byte book so far - that's all kinds of cool. :) ... and come June 13 you'll all be able to decide if it's your favorite too!)

Today was a big day. I'm quite tired this evening.

Breezy and I went to Wainui with Action Man this morning because he was in the Christmas Parade over there. It rained. It was windy. It was cold. Not pleasant but still fun. I gotta say I was pretty damn pleased to see Action Man (in full uniform) when he finally turned up ... Wainui - not the safest feeling place ever. I'm okay in the hood - but over there felt different. Not a fan. In no hurry to go back. :)

We got home in time for a coffee before heading off to the last Writer's Plot of the year at Upper Hutt Library.
These are the people I've spent every second Saturday afternoon with in 2013:

We have a lot of fun.
We make a lot of noise.
It will be rather quiet until Jan 18 2014 - when we will once again take over the library. :)
It will be the 3rd year of Writer's Plot.
Pretty cool.
Writers Plotters are a talented bunch of troublemakers.

The last challenge of the year was the Bon Jovi Challenge. Yesterday I made a couple of beaded bookmarks ... a few darker ones (even one with a revolver hanging off it) - just in case one of the boys won the challenge.
Then last night I checked the survey results (loving survey monkey, so freaking easy) ... and no boys featured. So it was pretty beaded bookmarks not dark ones! :)

You will eventually get to see the winning story - because embarrassingly it was mine - and sometime over the next few days I'll tweak it AGAIN and put it up on my website ... I think? :)
Carolyn (my adopted older sister) came second with her gorgeous story, Russian Blue.
Shamsi (otherwise known as Anna to Barb? Yeah nah, what?) came third with a fabulous yet gut wrenching story, Drowning.

It's been fun folks! Looking forward to seeing what stories you come up with over the Christmas break and no doubt I'll see some of you for coffee before we reconvene. :)

Meanwhile ... I'm going to enjoy the break and concentrating on some writing until school finishes. Also have a few books to read.

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