Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Working hard or hardly working ...

Actually today it's the latter.
Did a few hours this morning then found myself getting annoyed over silly things so figured it was time to do something else!

I put the Writer's Plot Emotion Challenge story up on my website this morning. It's been tweaked a little bit. But not a helluva lot. It's the story that won the last challenge. Hilarious. It's not a nice story at all. Ellie can be kinda cold at times. :)
I changed the header images on the blog, Facebook, Twitter and my website this afternoon. Because I can. Yep, everything matches.
Might even go change the background on, if I can remember how to get there? Apparently I did remember!
Kinda fun.
Yeah, it's been a slow day. hahaha

Am still trying to decide if I should add the time travel/romance short story to my website as well. It's not dreadful. (It did come second, was beaten by Pat. :))

Squealer told me today that her English teacher read the first chapter of the book Squealer is writing to the class last week. Yeah, she told me he was going to read it, but neglected to say he had!
Everyone liked it.
Apples and trees?
Although at her age I wrote an 'ode to profundity' and an 'ode to trees' and horrific pieces about Vietnam ... and a long running story with my best friend - simply called 'the book' and always spoken in hushed tones least anyone develop any sort of curiosity. It wasn't for public consumption.
Nothing of any merit or seriousness was contemplated when I was in high school - with the exception of the pieces about the Vietnam war - I certainly wasn't seriously writing a book - that would've interfered way too much with my social life which seemed to revolve around soccer and discos (boys). They were simpler times. The only thing that was smart back then was my mouth. :)

Right. That was my day ... your turn.

Oh and ... if you know what this opening sentence is from and send me a message on Facebook (don't leave the comment on the page, send me a private message! include your email address and say what book the opening line is from) ... you could win a kindle or ePub version of soundbyte.
Winners will be notified on Friday the 15th of Nov.

The line is:

 “You’re a smarmy piece of shit,” I murmured under my breath.

Your choices are:

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