Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday ...

The first night of Guy Fawkes was hellish.
I seriously hate fireworks.
And the fucktard who was letting off what sounded like flashbangs across the road last night - well, he can fall into the nearest deep hole and never come back.

So today - sunny, lovely, warm. I shall remember SUNSCREEN.
Walking the hounds later and finally meeting @pipssqueaks. Such fun!!

Yesterday - was an off day.
Can't explain it. It just was. My eyes were blurry almost all day - not fun. And I was just off.
Despite that I did a fair bit of writing. Which may or may not have been a good idea. :) I haven't looked at it today. Maybe I should?
Today is better.
Enjoying the new lock on my door.
Especially enjoyed it early this morning when the fat grey cat thought she'd come in and stomp on me ... hahaha. Wrong!

October was quite busy. I wrote four short stories. They are sitting on my website for you to read.
Links below:

National Pizza Day short story
Mother-in-law Day
PTSD from the inside out
Increase your psychic awareness day

I also wrote a time travel/romance short story for a Writer's Plot Challenge. (A particularly cruel challenge devised by Shamsi and Cyndi ... funnily enough my story came 2nd. Yeah, I know ... romance, not my strong suit! Was a bit stunned to place at all to be honest.)

Today/tonight I need to finish the latest challenge story. It has two opposing emotions, a chicken, three trees and a dumpster in it. Seems like I've been here before but apparently pulling a scene out of killerbyte is cheating? hahaha
Having a little too much fun with this story to be honest.

And now ... it's on with my sunny Sunday.

Hope y'all are having a good weekend.

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