Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sorry, haven't blogged all week ...

Not sure where the week went, but it did go.
Feel kinda bad that I haven't been here - rambling at you but I'm sure y'all understand.

Ellie bogged at some stage this week

Anyway, moving on.
It's Saturday.
It's a Writer's Plot Saturday, only this week the host was absent! Yeah, I know, I didn't host my own group - crazy! Good reason though. I was at a funeral.
Had I been at WP I would've received a 'Writer's block' ... I pinched this picture of the Writer's Block from our Facebook group page and Shamsi who took it.

This is the prize for the winner of the Emotion Challenge.
Murray and Pat set the challenge last time, so they came up with the guidelines for the short stories, arranged the survey to determine the winner, and organised a prize.
Isn't that the coolest prize, though? Really most awesome.  it'll look so freaking good on my desk!

And why? Because, shockingly, I won.

Last time I came second.
Because, well, Pat always wins. It's how it is. She is THAT good. :)

You will get to see my story at some stage. I'll post it on my website sometime this weekend. Now that I fixed the HUGE mistake. No really, you could've thrown several picnic baskets threw the hole it made. Screwed the seasons up - should've been early spring not winter. :)
In case you were wondering (I doubt you were but I'll tell you anyway) the two emotions I used in the story (because we had to use diametrically opposed emotions from an emotion wheel, three trees, chicken and a waste management dumpster ... really fun!) were ...
Confident and infuriated.
Really, what did you expect from me? Touchy feely? Yeah nah. :)

Here's the wheel:


But, I just saw part of this weeks challenge set by Graeme and Michael, and suspect once I see all of it I'll be wishing it was based on that fucking wheel of hell! :)

Also, two lots of homework for everyone this week ... the challenge and I left notes for them - everyone has to create a character to be used in a series of short stories or some such. Sounds easy? It is. We're using a comprehensive character sheet. 17 pages long. hahahahaha
Okay, mostly it's white paper - because the questions often require long answers. :)
Yeah, I'm mean.
Bet no one will want me to take a day off again.

Yeah a few sentences ago I said I might be wishing this new challenge was based on that fucking wheel. Well, Graeme just gave me my challenge ... and initial reaction was ... it's making the time travel/romance look good.
And we all know how much I like writing romance! :)
BUT, in fact, when I read it properly, it's not even hard at all.
Because something that none of you know yet means that I can write this story without actually having to look anything up. It just so happens that the acronym UAV means something to me ... I really do geek quite well.

Right, fun, on with it.
And perhaps wine?
Yes, wine.


Happy weekend everybody.


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