Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Monday, Adele, Old friends ...

Today I had a plan.
It was a good plan.
Finish this fucking short story for Writer's Plot. Which initially was easy ... but then the story I wrote ended up 7K. Max allowable for the challenge is 3K.
I started cutting stuff out and quickly realized this is not something that can be cut. So the solution. Write a new story. I have until midnight tonight to get this in.
The new story isn't going the way I thought it would. No surprises there really.
Go ahead and try to use the word 'conusable' in a short story! Go on, I dare you. :)
Yeah nah, not as easy as it sounds. Add - Airware and overcoming adversity to the mix.
I'm not having a nice time with this story.
I thought - write a new one - go down a completely different path and different genre.
But no. I don't seem to be able to spin this the way I want to.
At this point finishing it in time does not look likely.  But stranger things have happened.
Updated to add: Was a great big fail on the WP challenge story. Didn't not get in finished. Ended up reading databyte until LATE.

Meanwhile - databyte just landed on my kindle for reading. YAY.
Yeah would've been hard to read until LATE if I hadn't sent it. :)

Of course I just realized I forgot to run spell checker and look for those wonderful cock-ups that happen when you change things. So that will no doubt annoy me.
Think I'll do that and re-send it. :)
Why yes I did re-send it. :)

Listening to Adele this afternoon while I work.

Had lunch with an old friend today (old as in we've known each other for-freaking-ever but only recently were able to reconnect). Always fun! Hopefully we can get a walk in tomorrow with the dogs.

And it's Tuesday!
And every time I think or say Tuesday I hear Miranda Hart saying Tuesday in my head. Sigh.
Somethings stick with you. (Forever? We'll see!)

This morning I made the changes I'd noted last night. Yay.
Managed to send an email. Fabulous.
Am writing one-handed (and not for any fun reason, so you can knock that the hell off!) ... buggered my wrist again.
Luckily the major stuff is all done, so not much need for two-handed typing this week?? Yeah nah, you just know something will come along.
Like notes for Saturday's Writer's Plot ... yeah that.

Cuppa time now.

Hope you're all behaving. (Or not ... whatever makes you happy)

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