Saturday, November 23, 2013

Feels something like summertime

It really does!
It's hot early this morning - no clouds - I can hear birds and cicadas. Summer.
And none of my summer clothes fit. Annoying! I tried all my shorts on the other day ... have to keep my hands in my pockets to hold them up. That's both awesome and annoying. My skirts - need altering. Which is fairly easy, I just stall when it comes to digging my sewing machine out of the wardrobe. It doesn't have to go far. My desk is big enough to sew at. It's just the thought of it!! :)

In other news:
My bed is fixed!! This is HUGE. It's the squeakiest bed in the world - the frame is steel ... and the ends were loose. Action Man took it apart yesterday and sorted it. Now it  makes NO NOISE. Unbelievable. I rolled over last night and NOTHING. Brilliant! :) I'm sure the neighbors will be delighted.
Yes, I slept much better.

Today is Writer's Plot day.
You probably know that I failed at the last challenge - after winning the one before, to not finish in time was a tad gutting. But there were other things that had to be done - edits for databyte for example!
Well - today I'll be talking about short story writing/proof reading AGAIN.
Little bit grrr.

As for the rest of the weekend ... reading, reading and more reading.

Also - my silver bookmarks arrived so beading ... such fun.
Every year I like to find something to make for the big kids and friends - I saw beaded bookmarks a few weeks ago and thought I can do that so I am. Using a mix of semi-precious stones and beads, glass beads, and Tibetan silver.
I do need to get some more tiger tail today though. :)
And gift boxes.

Have the urge to write -  and the more I thought about it last night the more sense it makes. The rest of this thought will make little sense to any of you ... well maybe one of you will get it. :)
I want to re-write some of the Ellie and Mitch scenes in eraserbyte - or maybe add some earlier scenes to the book, another chapter perhaps, that better shows their developing relationship. I am aware that this borders on writing romance! :)
Kinda fun.
But Action Man did point out that killerbyte has a good deal of romance in it ... so me writing romance is not unheard of.

Oh yeah ... and on that subject:
First Love.  
And yeah Mo Mhuirnin is mine and it's most definitely fiction. Historical romantic fiction at that!
It can be done. :)

Have a great weekend!!

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