Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bed of Roses

The last challenge for Writer's Plot for 2013 is a Bon Jovi one.
Yeah I set it.
The inspiration came from Bed of Roses.
Any genre goes.

So my story is done.
Sitting on my desk looking at me. I'm liking it.

So today, I decided to listen to Cross Road. Haven't heard that album in awhile. Forgot how awesome it is. :) Plus, I needed some old school LOUD Bon Jovi. And this album qualifies.

Thinking the first challenge for 2014 might be a Bon Jovi one too.
Or maybe the Christmas challenge stories. Uh huh, that could be fun. Probably only for me??
Yes, Writers Plotters I said 'stories'. What fun.

Next week I'll sort the Christmas break homework out. :)
Can't have everyone's brains going soft over the holidays.

Meanwhile ... am off to pick Breezy up. It's raining. Not a fan.

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