Sunday, October 13, 2013

What happens when ...

Bottles Chilean Pinot Noir are sitting on the kitchen bench, a bunch of people turn up in fancy dress (law enforcement theme) and bring wine and there is cake?
We call it a book launch party.
Snakebyte had a party last night.
Such fun!!
So when a guest leaves to head off for work in the Emergency Department - it's perfectly normal to demand his clothing?
Yeah, really.
Eric was dressed as an ME (Medical Examiner) ... perfect attire for our prop case! Yeah, his gown etc is on the bench in the kitchen waiting for me to fold it up and put it in the case! :)
It's best not to argue with me when I've been drinking and demand clothing ... just go with it.

Turns out I'm hungry. Yeah. Hungry.
Thought I wanted porridge and bananas, as usual. But I really don't. I'd rather like KFC. I won't have it, but I'd like it.
Little bit.

Two new people came along to Writer's Plot yesterday. Awesome!
Also one of our long standing members is now an elected councilperson for the Eastern Ward. Congrats, Barb!
AND Cyndi and Shamsi set the challenge for this week. Should be fun. Scary, maybe. Although I was recently told I can write one of the genres that was in my envelope - so - maybe - this will be masses of fun and not at all scary? The other genre (yeah we get two to use in one story!) is something I really enjoy reading and postulating over. I know how it could fit with the first genre ... and it's even something I was toying with earlier this year ... stay tuned!

I woke at 3 this morning after a horrendous nightmare - so freaking violent. Odd, I don't really have nightmares. But I did and I wasn't keen on going back to sleep - the only book within reach was snakebyte.
So I read until 4. It's a freaking good story. :)

With that I'm off to find food.
REALLY hungry.
And also ... where did I leave my Glock?


LatteJunkie said...

It was a great night and that Pinot Noir was lovely!

Cat Connor said...


I see you...

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