Thursday, October 31, 2013

Uh huh ...

Last night The Admins and I were out.

We went to visit a book club at the Foundation for the Blind.
Why you ask? Because they'd just finished reading killerbyte.
When I knew they were reading killerbyte I read it too. Because, well, it's been awhile since I wrote that book (a few years) ... and I wanted to read it in the same format as the group. (I am extremely glad they read the book as a talking book and not in braille!
We did talk about how many volumes killerbyte would be in braille format ... yeah nah, listening to the wonderful narration was definitely the way to go. (11 hours and some change as a talking book.)
Very interesting night.
Great to meet everyone and listen to their thoughts - who liked what and why. Also, lots of fun.
So many questions! :)

That was our night.

Today - freaking pouring down rain. Two unhappy wet dogs. Romeo finally got a walk this afternoon. Cleo, yeah nah, not keen.
To be fair I wouldn't have gone out either but I had too. :)

Now - two grumpy children.
Cannot win today.

Squealer is pissed off because she did something mean to Breezy - I snapped her - that put her on my radar and then I realized she hadn't cleaned the cat box. Hmmm, lesson there? Yeah, well, the rest of us can see it. *shrugs*

Now they're in their room - fighting over EVERYTHING.
The result will be two girls going to bed early. Awesome!  :)
Now one is crying because I yelled at her. Really? Then do as you are freaking told and leave your sister the hell alone!!

The last October short story is on my website. Quite pleased October is over to be honest! Pop through the link (all four short stories are there) and have a free read with your cuppa.

On that note: I'm off to pour a glass of wine.

Kids. Grrrrr.

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