Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday, horses, judging, tired!

Today was not a normal Sunday.
It was a lot more fun.
It was warm, sunny, windy, and about four hours of it were spent in a paddock because I was a guest judge at an 'in hand' horse event. Yeah I know. So much fun!

Kids had fun. Action Man and I had fun.

There are pics.

Bear with ...

Me - wind swept and interesting,
waiting while the horses in the fancy
dress part of the event got ready.

Admins getting mini-Mac ready.
He was a mighty fine Zorro.

Ed. This guy is so beautiful and still growing.

More horses getting ready.

By the end of the day I could name all the horses. Not bad going really. There were 4 events, with one of the events having 4 games. I think!
The obstacle course was my favorite. Really enjoyed that. Also easiest to judge as it was a points system.
Could have been 11 horses. No doubt Admins will fix that if I'm off. :)

So much fun though.
I did enjoy giving out certificates.
BBQ afterwards was interesting. I'm sure there are several books lurking in the conversations I heard! I'm sure there will at least be some short stories come out of it. But no one will ever know ... :)
Big day. I suspect Admin One will sleep well tonight she did the jumping event with both mini-Mac and Sheldon.
Such fun.

This is Sheldon ... he'll be 2 in a few days - and he was just wonderful today.


He's about the same height as Romeo. In case you were wondering. So cute.

Fun day for us. The kids had a great time. Breezy has a nasty cold and isn't feeling very well - but she was super well behaved all day and had fun. She's been resting since we got home. Understandable!

So that was our Sunday.
Yesterday was good, busy, enjoyable.
All an' all it's been a lovely weekend.
Now for a nice glass of shiraz and a wee lurk around the interweb to see what's happening. :)

And maybe some aloe on this sunburn ... yeah the person who ALWAYS wears a cap, didn't today. Go figure. Sigh.

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