Friday, October 18, 2013

Not a week I want to repeat.

It really isn't.
Bit on the rough side to be honest - especially the last few days.
Wine o'clock Friday is drifitng into tequila o'clock Friday. So be it.

Databyte will be out in June.
Yes, you read that right. JUNE.
Long time to hurry up and wait.
But in reality only a month later in the year than the Soundbyte release this year - but June is winter and shitty weather and I'm really not a fan of the cold. (That's well documented!)

Not sure what's happening this weekend. Probably nothing. That might be an okay thing. I kinda wanna finish working on a picture I was playing with for two and half hours today. And I'm enjoying tweaking Eraserbyte - so that's a weekend possibility too. Think I'll submit it before the end of the year. Probably early next month if I can get it polished/tweaked by then. Pretty sure I can.
It's a lot of fun working on it. Love the story. :)
One of those stories that I really want to see people's faces as they read it ... book cameras would be fantastic.
The most fun part for me right now is that only one other person in the world knows what I meant by that last sentence. And yes people, that makes me smile.

Rang Superman tonight, had a long chat about stuff. We talked about death, police, guns - left-handed firing being the main topic there, kids, supporting friends who are going through something very very hard, databyte and art. Art, fabulous topic. Especially when it has two funny stories attached to it. Always good to finish a long conversation laughing and looking forward to viewing a new piece of art. :)

Right now, I'm going to pour myself another drink and watch some comedies. Yeah, that's right. Not working tonight. Watching funny shit then going to bed and listening to music until I fall asleep.
That is the plan.

I'm considering writing another byte short story (novella length - 35k). We'll see. Might be fun. Might not even be an Ellie story - might be Kurt, or Lee, or Sam, or even ... Mitch. Yeah, that's right. :)

This is the point in the evening when I think ... hmmm ... perhaps dinner would have been a good idea?

Yeah, nah!

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