Monday, September 30, 2013

So where am I now?

Good question!
I'm right here.
Yep. Right. Here.

This is a busy week - want to clear my desk by Saturday.
Going home for four days next week and I want to enjoy the time with the kids and Superman in Mahau - which means I don't want to be working.
So this week ... is it.

It's the first day of the school holidays and day light savings started.
I get the fun of trying to clear my desk with the kids home ... yeah nah, not fun. Especially when I'm going to need the PC as well as my laptop this morning. That'll upset the apple cart. Or me. :) Because working downstairs means refereeing a multitude of arguments that only happen when I'm around. Grrrr.

*I need to finish one short story and write another. One is already done, that was a fun one.
*Finish reading/tweaking databyte and get it back to Jayne before I go away.
*Order the icing for the snakebyte cake. Probably should design the icing before I order it?
*There is also the small matter of putting the almond paste and royal icing on the cake ...
*All the Writer's Plot short stories from the last 2 years need to be sorted, named, and put into new doc files.
There are a LOT of short stories and none but the most recent are named. I also need to remove stories from people who have left the group and contact those who are still part of the online group (but not coming to our sessions) to see if they'd like their stories included in this project. Pretty sure I only wrote one challenge story and that has to be removed from the collection due to it being included in another project in the UK.
Such fun.
To be honest the Writer's Plot stuff will take longer than writing the short story that is required for later this month. Only because it's messy and means I have to work with the original badly formatted files. It will make me grrrrr. You can guarantee it.
Once they're all together I'm sending the files to Murray, because this is his project and it's pretty damn cool!
*Also need to get the POV notes up on the Facebook group for those who weren't at WP on Saturday.
*And put something together for the next WP meeting on October 12 because I'll have a day to get sorted when I get home AND Octo 12 is snakebyte launch party day. Really pushing it to get stuff done in one day. :)
For some reason I thought I had two days to get organised ... didn't think that through, did I?
Going to require Admin assistance!

And breakfast ... my stomach is growling like a demented black bear.
Porridge and bananas, now.

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