Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sitting in the dark ....

Yep. I am.
I've been working all morning, in the dark, because with my desk facing the window I can't see the screen when it's bright outside. :) Not that today is particularly bright. Yesterday was a beautiful spring day. Today feels like a two steps back kinda day.

Been a good morning, writing wise. I'm enjoying the dark.

Yesterday was a social day - a much needed social day. It was nice to go out for coffee. Kinda amusing really. I met Eric, David, Pat, and Don for coffee at 11, then met Leon for coffee at 12. Chatty, fun, nice to be away from my desk. Turned out I was away from my desk all day. Not a bad thing at all.

Today - less chatty. No one to chat with. :)
Letting characters fully occupy my mind. So much so that when I look up the scene in front of me is not Upper Hutt but Virginia and it takes a little while for me to focus on what's really outside the window. Don't much care for what's outside or inside today.
Shrugs. It happens. I'd sooner be in Virginia.

A cool thing happened yesterday sometime - I saw it last night.
It's this: First Love
Yeah, I'm in it. But you won't find a non-fiction love story from me in the anthology but you will find something VERY different to my usual work. :)

Right ... back to Ellie's world for me.
Break over.

Hope you're all having a great day.

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