Friday, September 6, 2013

Melt my heart to stone

Quite like that song.
It's just become a title for a short story - the one I wasn't going to write today because, well ... I have no reason, other than not feeling like writing today.
I don't have to, I suppose, I just usually write every day. Yesterday I didn't, and apart from writing a few lines to explain something in databyte (working through edits at the moment - remember?) on Wednesday, I didn't write then either.

What I need is a proper break. From life? Yeah nah, yeah, actually, I do, just for a weekend! That's not going to happen the way I need it to for a long time. Bugger.
I will take the girls away during the next school holidays - so not what I need - but it will have to do. Makes me kinda grrr to think about it to be honest.
My laptop will go with me because of edits. Two kids and my laptop for a week in Mahau does not equal a break.
At all.
Nope it does not.
It equals whining and complaining from the kids and annoyance for me. I'm going to have to get a Vodem stick. It's too frustrating not having Wi-Fi down there!  Sure I can Google stuff from my phone but it's easier to do it from the laptop and use One Note to capture images/pages/information for later.

Concentration is lacking today. It's been a bit like that all week. It'll be back. Maybe? One day?
Hopefully by the end of the weekend.

Hope you all have a good weekend!

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