Monday, September 2, 2013

It's Monday ... again!

Keeps coming round.
No stopping it.
Probably a good thing, I like Mondays. (Usually - but not always.)
This Monday bought the joy of databyte edits. So I spent all morning reading the manuscript, laughing at some of Jayne's comments and thinking about the accompanying email.
Nothing too hard.
I am lazy though and do need to explain a few things better. :)
By lunchtime my eyes were too tired to carry on. But that's okay, I had got through all 107k (plus change) and know how much work was ahead of me. Not as much as I thought.
Which is good.
I do need to introduce a few people - because it was pointed out that unless people had read the other books they wouldn't know who Tierney and Campbell are, and what their relationship is with Ellie.
Good point.
Go read the other books? hahaha. Yeah nah, I'll fix it.

But still ... go read the other books before this one comes out. :)

The weekend (is over) and was mostly okay. It was fairly quiet. Had Writer's Plot on Saturday (managed that with the dregs of a massive migraine, so yay that I even got there!) then on Sunday had a friend and her daughter over. That was lovely. :)
It was also Father's Day on Sunday - Action Man liked his gifts, mowed the lawn, walked Romeo with Breezy, visited our eldest daughter and was given Father's Day cupcakes ... most awesome.
All good things.

Was an alcohol free weekend. Wine doesn't mix well with migraines. So best to leave it out. :)

The posters for Snakebyte arrived today. Surprised me, I expected them to take a week or so but no, they took about 3 days to get here. Awesome!
Haven't made a decision on the launch party for snakebyte yet. There really has to be one, just dunno when or where at this point!

Squealer just yelled at me because I asked her to do something. That's a fast way to lose ALL privileges. Oh look, there they all go now. No doubt she'll have something to say about that later too. Shame I won't be caring. No one yells at me. Not ever.

Yesterday morning I started looking for images for the cover of databyte. Not fun. Not fun at all, when there are about 9000 photos and none of them have been sorted into any helpful order. Bugger.
Just bugger.
Found eight pictures.

Now I need a monitor for Josh's tower so I can use that. No point even trying to mess with images on my PC. Way too irritating. Graphics card is rubbish. :)

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