Thursday, September 5, 2013

It's a mojito, what of it?

Because I don't drink white rum (or any rum, I'm not a pirate) it's a tequila mojito.

I just felt like one. Don't judge me. Actually judge away, I don't really care. You will anyway.

I'm in the middle of databyte edits. Which is fun. We all know I love the editing thing. I do. I love when Jayne sends the marked up manuscript back. I love reading all her comments and how she makes me think and question what I was thinking. :)
And also how she makes me laugh. And sometimes little comments that amuse me find their way into the ms. Which is also fun.
No one knows apart from me and Jayne. But I think it's happened in every book. One small comment that made me laugh became something Ellie thought or sometimes said.

It's Thursday morning - not Wednesday night. I started this on Wednesday night but it kinda got away from me. It happens. A lot these days. Shrugs. It's just how life is at the moment. The new normal is kinda sucky at times.

At midnight - I was still awake - we had a fairly strong earthquake ... I am now referring to them as earth tantrums. It was 5.1. It was out in Cook Strait again. Was strong enough that everything moved here. I didn't move. I was in bed waiting to see where it was going ... would it stop or get worse? It stopped. I eventually went to sleep.
Last night was a bit shit anyway, so the earth tantrum made no difference.

So on with today.

Not sure what it will bring. The headache could bugger off for starters.
Have edits to do.
Have a phone call to make - which should be fun - always fun trying to talk Superman through computer issues.
Apart from that ... shrugs ... dunno.
Could be followed with don't care?
Yeah nah. :)

Sending big hugs and love to Admin Bubbles today. xx

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