Sunday, September 15, 2013

Inspiration strikes at inconvenient times

It really does.
I used to always carry a notebook for that very reason - I have notebooks everywhere. But this last winter I pretty much stopped carrying a handbag which posed an issue for carrying a notebook and pen when I was out and about.
Luckily I always have my cell phone with me - and when  flash of brilliance or possible brilliance occurs I email myself.
Sometimes the email is nothing more than a subject line.
That's fine.
It works. It reminds me what I was thinking while I was supposed to be paying attention to a conversation or listening to someone speak about something ... that was probably important and I missed it ... but I KNOW what I was thinking about in relation to whatever story I'm currently writing.
If I reach for my cell phone and seem to be texting while we're out ... yeah, I'm not. I'm emailing myself notes. Sorry. (I'm not really sorry at all ...)
This morning I was lying in bed, warm, sleepy, enjoying the remnants of 11 hours sleep and a scene popped up. Something I hadn't even begun to explain in databyte and should have. Naughty of me. And it's right in the beginning too. So naughty. I forget sometimes that you all can't see in my head as you're reading ... because in my head Ellie outlined the plan for protecting a VIP and Delta were briefed. But in reality, that didn't happen.
It will later this morning. I have notes in the notebook by my bed and yeah, I emailed myself.
I'll write that brief. :)
That's part of the joy of working through Jayne's edits - they force my brain engage with the story again - with Ellie's life as it was THEN, despite having just finished the next book and several short stories that come after databyte.
It's nice being back there - seeing things through Ellie's eyes.

Writing is fun. It really is.
Escapism. Gotta love it.

Ellie visits here in databyte ... 

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