Friday, September 27, 2013

I Can See Clearly Now

It's sunny.
I like the sun. I like blue sky. I like a lot of things. Today is a really good day.
A corner was turned in this grief process thing recently and I can see clearly now. :)
October is going to be a BUSY month.
I got this. I so got this.

Currently - music is loud. I'm working on 3 short stories for October and a few other things as well. Checking over databyte, hoping to catch anything I missed before I send it back to the intrepid Jayne @ Rebel.
School finishes today.
Spring holidays are about to start.
I talked to Dad this morning. I'll see him in nine days. Yay. Kids are excited about being back in Mahau even though it won't be a long visit this time -  I didn't know if  I'd manage to get down there at all these holidays so 4 days in Mahau will be awesome. (Will be longer in January.)

Music might be a bit loud for the hound today ... he's taken himself upstairs.

This afternoon I need to pull something together for tomorrow's Writer's Plot. Yep, that's right, last minute! Was fabulously busy last week and recovering from a concussion this week (made it kinda hard to think).
So last minute ... let's do this thing? :)
At the last WP I set everyone an E-Prime task. Such fun. Can't wait to see what everyone came up with.

Let me explain E-Prime ...
It's English Prime ... writing without using the verb "to be".
Not easy.
I have a feeling there will some interesting results. I have already heard talk of "bodice ripper" text. :)

Hope you all have a marvelous Friday and an much fun over the weekend.

Just because I LOVE this song:

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