Friday, September 20, 2013

Creative non-fiction

Seriously ... that single phrase had me laughing so hard this morning.
I possibly need MORE coffee.

I popped over to linkedin to see what was going on and discovered the reason for the notification email that arrived on my phone during the night.
I had been endorsed for 'creative non-fiction'. Awesome.
Can't stop laughing.
What exactly is creative non-fiction? I immediately went ... 'Oh lies.' :)
Creatively told truths?
Creating truth?
Take the truth and making it more interesting? (Or less, maybe, because sometimes the truth is so unbelievable it needs to be tamed down ... )
Taking the truth and warping the fuck out of it?

Well I'm a writer, I tell lies for a living. It's my job to take a lie and make you believe it. It's really fun. So how is that creative non-fiction, I hear you ask? Buggered if I know. (Helpful, hell yes!)

But then, I thought about it (or my morning coffee kicked in) ... yes, I write fiction. But there is an element of truth in it at all times. Sometimes it's even based (however loosely, think Hollywood) on a true event. I don't make it all up. Somethings are absolutely true others are warped truths and some parts are total fabrication.
I'm starting to see where creative non-fiction might sit?
Or, again, I need more coffee. :)
Yep, still amused.
Can't help it.
I mean really ... love being endorsed gives me warm fuzzies ... but who the hell coined the phrase 'creative non-fiction'?
I want that on a business card! Currently mine boringly say 'crime thriller author' ... creative non-fiction sounds much more exciting. :)

On that note ... coffee. Think maybe my caffeine levels have dropped too far.

Yeah, that'll be it.

Enjoy your Friday.



Phillip Donnelly said...

It’s a strange term. Perhaps it refers to the half-lies people tell at job interviews. Or the genre of political biographies.
Having had so little success with ‘magic realism’ -- another term that leaves me head scratching, I might venture into creative non-fiction myself; or even non-creative fiction, or imaginary fiction, or factual fiction. Or historical rodent erotica, or...

Cat Connor said...

Perhaps a mix of magic realism and creative non-fiction is the answer?
I just want to know who comes up with these terms and do they really expect us to take them seriously? :)

I see you...

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