Friday, September 13, 2013

A few months ago ...

I surprised myself by sailing a lot closer to the wind than I usually do when I'm writing. It happened while I was in the initial writing stages of eraserbyte (we may have talked about this before?) I was encouraged to try something new. It's a lot to do with breaking down barriers and opening doors - it turned out to be a master key situation and the doors never stood a chance. But I didn't know that at the time. At the time I was quietly pleased with my efforts and they were for the most part tasteful and successful.

Turns out once you hit something with a breaching round there is no going back! The splintered door doesn't fit back in the door frame.

Yesterday I was writing three scenes that needed detail and I'd skipped over them a little lot. (Still talking about eraserbyte here. It was a much needed break from working through databyte edits -which are fun but I still need a break every now and then.)
Earlier in the week I'd considered taking some of the scenes between two main characters out (Ellie and Mitch, in case you're wondering) - temporarily - just to get some perspective really. If the story worked without them (and it does) do all those scenes need to be there?
Well, it does work without them. BUT their part in the story and the developing relationship is doing something I didn't see to start with. And it's important.
How they came to be. How they interact. How they effect each other and how that spins off onto the team dynamic. Is important.
What's also important is the sense of balance that Mitch brings to the table. Ellie was in dire need of balance. Nice to see her actually trust someone outside of Delta.
When I was reading through the manuscript I noticed how similar Ellie and Mitch are in a lot of ways - their values, the way their minds work, the things that bring them joy and peace. They work well together. Their story is every bit as important as the story relating to the investigation - because when it comes down to it ... Ellie won't be able to do this job forever ...
And she can get pretty freaking stroppy when I try to mess with her life (like taking bits out she really enjoys), which is why I rarely attempt it. It's not worth the tantrum. And when it comes down to it, it's her story not mine. And I am just a little bit scared of her.  :) That's every bit as nuts as it sounds. Just go with it.

So, the scenes I considered removing are staying. The scenes I glossed over - because they were hard to write.
Suddenly weren't.
And today the last scene that needed detail, fleshing out, finishing, bringing to life ... magically appeared in front of me in glorious technicolor.

Good feeling.

Although part of me is wondering who the hell I am now! :)
(Just me, stretching my wings, evolving, having fun.)

Now for another glass of pinot noir and some Bon Jovi ...  yep, still me. :)

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