Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tequila mojito Saturday

Yeah that's right. :)

Best idea ever!

Anyway, remember yesterday ... I wondered how the day would go. Turned out pretty awesome. Ended up phoning a friend. Fantastic fun.
Last night Action Man and I watched Mindhunter. Quite enjoyed it. Picked the Unsub too early to fully enjoy it but still a fun movie.
Tonight it's Expendables 2. I really really loved the first Expendables - such a fun movie! So expecting big things tonight.
Pretty sure the tequila will help. :)

Today was busier than expected and I finally I applied for a position at Victoria University - Writer in Residence for 2014. Fingers crossed.
Also sent a short story off for a GAP anthology. (GAP= Greyhounds as Pets) Even managed to find a picture to go with it:
Romeo and Missy the fat grey cat

And needed a head shot of me.
Everyone seems to agree that this is the one:

me (yeah really)

So this is the one I sent. :)

Thanks for your help!

And yes my nails are real and they are that long (actually a little longer I think) ... but currently dark blue and a little chipped after moving furniture this afternoon!
I shall fix that tomorrow. :)

Yesterday sometime I came across the kiwi  novel ... remember the one  - set in Upper Hutt, titled 'Nothing Happens Here'?
I couldn't fall in love with the main character (tried pretty damn hard but, yeah nah, didn't happen), so anyway, I kinda finished it ... first draft ... and ditched it.
Well, I found it.
And it's not that bad.
Main character isn't awful - in fact I like her more now and Romeo is in it as himself so that's all kinds of cool.
It's dreadfully un-pc in places which I also like. :)
So ... I started messing with it. I found two versions ... couldn't decide which was better so I combined them (thank you Word 10 for behaving better than Word 13 when it came to combining fairly big documents).

I dropped the file into Skydrive and figured I'd tidy it up properly now it's not repulsive to me. :) (Veronica Tracey lives ...)

Also today, we moved my room around again.
My bed has now been in every conceivable place in this room. Not sure if I like it or not where it is now, but on the plus side I can reach my lamp from my bed (again) and don't have to use the main light when I read at night and i can get into the wardrobe easier. What I do need to do is move the banner on my wall ... it's off center and that will just annoy me! :)

Yawning now.
This doesn't bode well for a movie tonight!


Hope you're all having a good weekend.


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