Thursday, August 15, 2013

Stepping back to move forward.

Odd title?
Yeah nah.
Think about it.

There is a reason that manuscripts are set aside for a period of time once they're finished (yeah, finished, not exactly the right word ... how about complete? Nope still not hitting it, never mind ...).
The reason is ... to enable distance. If you've been fully immersed in something it's very hard to see what's really going on. Hence the need for distance.

Currently I have two manuscripts sitting here both of which benefit from distance. Although, I may have left one too long - more about that later.

Eraserbyte - is the 7th byte novel - the most recently completed byte novel. It's been sitting here since I wrote The End. It's also on my kindle.
I started reading it the other day.
Added two threads already.
Things that needed to be included. Something to tie databyte to eraserbyte, and something that my adopted sister Carolyn noticed when she read some of the steamier scenes (that's right people ... this book is different!), so, thinking on what Carolyn suggested I added a thread - which flows throughout the novel and is both fun and sensible, because Carolyn is right, no way would Ellie take chances with this particular thing.

That's where I'm at with eraserbyte. Back into it after a period of what almost feels like mourning - honestly I think that's the best way to describe the completion of a novel, and I'm pretty sure people close to me would agree with that.
So, I'm back, I'm enthusiastic about this book and the series in general.
Which is good, because I need to finish a short story for Fox Spirit and I was floundering ... not so now. I expect that to damn near write itself over the next few days. :)

Now as for the other book.
Trying very hard to be enthusiastic about that.
Graeme liked the first chapter - Action Man pointed out that the first chapter is great but he didn't like the concept, hahaha. I'm wondering if he didn't like it because it's not a byte novel and because he didn't like my actor co-protagonist? So, time to hand the whole thing over to Graeme and see what happens next.
I will find my enthusiasm for that book. Baby steps.

Nice to be excited about the byte series again.
Very nice.

Also - don't forget - snakebyte disappears on Aug 26. Get in quick. :)

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