Saturday, August 3, 2013

Seems like we've always been and always will be...

Made to Saturday ... mostly intact! Always good. :)

Finishing Eraserbyte on Tuesday made for a very weird week. Just weird. Not enjoyable weird either but it's a been a few days and I'm pretty much over writing The End.
Turns out, the whole not writing after writing the end on Tuesday has spawned some byte short stories which are rolling around in my head. Bits and pieces have made it out to a notebook. They look like they'll be fun.

Admins were away skiing all week. Judging by the photos I've seen they had a jolly good time too. :)

Now running Office 13. Liking the new navigation pane in Word. Very nice. Liking that Word remembered where I was in a document and asked if I wanted to carry on from that point. Considerate, I thought.
Not so much thrilled that Office Pro insisted I log in with my Hotmail address ... it's okay, it's just that I'd prefer to use the new Outlook with my main email address, but, whatever. At least my Hotmail account isn't something horrendous hahaha. I've had it so long that it's quite a normal email address and I think I've used it for MS products since the beginning of time.

I posted some photos on my Facebook page yesterday and see that my publisher shared one on their page ... made me laugh when I saw the caption. Yeah nah, so not Ellie's team. Although ... what do you think?
Who would be Kurt, Lee, or Sam from this line up??
(BTW ... one of these guys is Action Man.)

Boys having fun.

Today is Writer's Plot day. Fun. Then this afternoon it's G&T's with Carolyn. Must remember to grab some more tonic. :)

Last night I almost/kinda/perhaps finished a cover letter I needed to write ... it's so not a simple cover letter, it's a proposal in disguise. Grrrrr. So anyway, I've almost finished it ... well ... until GH reads it on Monday and points out everything that needs fixing which I have a feeling is a lot because I really have no idea what I'm doing! :)
That'll be my Monday. hahaha.

And more fun ...

Breezy in Ngakuta

I love this photo.
Just love it.


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