Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Restless ....

Action Man enjoyed his birthday yesterday. We spent the day together. It was fun. Kids were at school so it was without whining. :)

I was tired last night. Tired. Good I thought, I'll go to sleep.
Yeah right.

Turns out I didn't use my brain enough yesterday to go to sleep. Yep. That's right. It wasn't done yet, because it hardly got used. That's not a good thing. (Using it too much gets the same response ... sigh)

So at about 11 last night I reached for a new notebook. A NEW notebook. Asking for trouble really. I knew it was trouble but I did it anyway.

This year I was happy writing one book. Just one. You can't count snakebyte it's a short story according to ITW ... :)  I'd call it a novella.
So I wrote the 7th byte novel, eraserbyte. Very happy with that. Very happy with that!
Wrote a byte short story  for Fox Spirit Books (which I'll send shortly, Adele!) ... and was going to chill and tweak eraserbyte while waiting for the edits to come back for databyte.
Cruisy. Awesome.
As it happens.
So wrong.

Last night I had a pen in my hand and a new notebook ... I now have the first three pages of a brand new byte novel. Hmmm bugger. It's even got a title ... and that means there is no going back. This is a thing. For possibly the first time ever the title was sitting there staring at me as I wrote the first line. I knew I'd use it one day. Apparently that day has come.
It's a title that was tried out on various byte novels but never fitted, well it definitely fits now!

On the plus side ... I did sleep once I'd written those few pages. Until 4 - when I woke with cramp in my foot.
Then I had a weird dream. Not scary weird, but a little bit odd. I was just trying to read a really long email but people kept interrupting me - then I had to go somewhere and half way there I couldn't find my laptop - it wasn't in it's case. It was in my bag with my phone. There were people everywhere and I couldn't find a quiet space.
See? Weird.

Busy morning today. Best get on with it ... especially as I'm going to need to write later.
Yep, I am. :)

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