Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Most hilarious afternoon ...

We had a lovely time at Fergusson Rest home this afternoon - talking writing. Although I have to say I think Romeo stole the show. He didn't mean too, he just is that awesome. :)

Did get told to speak up a few times early on ... and then came the microphone. So much easier! :)

I think the pressure is about to go on the library lending system. My books are always out and now they want them on the library bus so people at Fergusson can get hold of them.
Obviously the answer is more copies in the library, yeah? Yeah.
So pleased when someone asked if my books were available from the Blind Foundation and I could say yes, killerbyte is available and it's beautifully narrated.

Loved the questions I was asked. Really good questions.

Sadly I didn't have time to stay for a cuppa ... Romeo wanted to. He heard plates being moved. Plates mean food. He was not happy about being told we had to go pick up Breezy and therefore no tidbits would be falling his way. :)

Hopefully we'll be invited back again. Was really fun. I did enjoy meeting everyone (both staff and residents).

Got to school this afternoon with five minutes to spare. Excellent timing. :)

Winning today.

Sleeping the whole night seems to have done me the world of good. Now if I can just stop myself from working past about 7pm and put an end to working weekends as well, I might to be able to achieve better sleep more often?
That could be the magic key I think. Letting my brain wind down. :)
Never have been good at that.
Once in the last four years I have managed an entire weekend without working. Yeah, that's pretty bad - had to go to Chch to achieve it. Too busy socializing to even think about work! hahaha

Cuppa time!
Throat a bit dry from all the talking. :)

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