Monday, August 19, 2013

Messing about with stories ...

That was pretty much my weekend ... give or take a few freaking earthquakes.

A good weekend.
Writer's Plot was hilarious as always.
Nice to find we were the only loonies in the library. :)

Saturday night my lovely eldest daughter (@vilifyingangel) told me I am awesome. I'm willing to believe her. She's not too bad herself. :)
Which reminds me her copy of snakebyte is sitting on my desk ... I MUST go visit her this week!

Tomorrow I'm talking to the inmates at a local rest home. (Inmates? Residents? You know what I mean.) Should be fun. I love talking to people about what I do.
Thursday it's off to Breezy's school to talk and read to a much younger crowd. Yeah nah, I won't be reading anything from The _byte series to them! They're getting Romeo and the Chicken.
Breezy is super excited about my school visit.

Here's an excerpt the short story I'm currently working on and one from eraserbyte...

Rolling in the Deep (byte short that fits after databyte)

“All good?” Kurt asked handing me a cup of coffee.
“Yep,” I replied, taking the lid off the cup. Steam rushed out, fogging my glasses. It took a moment for the steam to clear. “Who’s driving?”
“Me,” Kurt said. “Scoot.”
I walked around the car and slid into the passenger seat.
“We’re done, yeah?”
“Yes,” Kurt said checking the mirrors. “We’re done. How long are you off for?”
“A month.”
He glanced at me. “Going away?”
I smiled. “Yeah, I am.”
“You going to make this hard?” he asked pulling out into the traffic.
I sighed. “My world changed …”
“Yes it did,” he replied. “And my question stands, are you going to make this hard?”
“I’m going away with a friend. We’re going to a place by the sea.”
Not a lie. It is by the sea, just not a sea in this hemisphere. I smiled thinking about how far we were going. It was the sea at the end of the world.
“Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake Bay?”
“No, it’s in the south.”
It doesn't get much more southern and yet still remain warm enough for me to enjoy it. I’m not a penguin. I felt the smile on my lips. Not a penguin but sometimes Mitch referred to me as Penguin and I liked it. I couldn't remember a time in my life where anyone had given me a nickname. New. Nice.
“Gulf of Mexico?”
“More southern than that,” I said and drained my coffee.
“Cotopaxi is not by the beach,” Kurt mumbled.
“I never said Ecuador,” I replied. “And how did you hear about Cotopaxi?”
“Iain Campbell mentioned you, him, and Mike Davenport were talking about climbing Cotopaxi in January.”

Snow drifts were piled by the roadside, melting in the winter sun. It was definitely January. I wasn’t in a mountain climbing mood. 


eraserbyte (7th byte novel)

I angled my body toward Sam and flashed two hand signals, really fast. He nodded. No one was leaving through the front door. I did the same to Kurt. He nodded. With utmost confidence, I approached the table in the corner of the room, grabbed a chair from a nearby table and joined the throng.
“Morning,” I said. They started to move. “Look around.”
Sam and Kurt nodded at the table.
“Conway, you don’t need to be in the middle of this,” Kennedy said, his accent warmed his voice.
“Why don’t you let me be the judge of that?” I replied. “Whatever you’re up to has encroached on my case. You’re here, Praskovya is here, DC is exploding, and someone shot down the helicopter I was in.” I leveled a stare at Kennedy. “And again, you’re here.”
“Wasn’t us,” he said with a smile. “I made you a promise that I wouldn’t shoot at you again.”
That’s what they all say, and yet the bullets keep flying.
“You can see why I asked. You turn up and I get shot out the sky.”
Kennedy nodded. “I get that a lot.”
I just bet he did.
“Do you know who did kill my pilot?”
“You’re here why?” I asked. “I’m not one for coincidences and I seem to have a few in front of me.”
“We’re looking for someone.”
Colin and Tim were sitting listening but had nothing to offer.
“What’s it got to do with Interpol.” Throwing it out there, hadn't even checked it, just went with what Chance told me. Plus I knew Danni met with Misha. There was a good chance these three knew her as well.
Kennedy’s eyes narrowed. “You’re a fecking smartass Conway.”

That wasn’t denial.


Such fun! :)

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