Monday, August 5, 2013

Going to have to get the big whiteboard out!

Yep, I am.

Not because I'm writing another novel (that is the usual reason though) but because I'm writing a short story and I need to make sure whatever I write in this carries through to the newly finished novel.
Because if I don't, I will be back in the place where I was last year when I wrote a _byte short and kinda accidentally destroyed the world. Didn't mean to, just happened ... viral end of world stuff. I do love zombies.
And it's all good fun.
BUT it's the end of the fucking world and it's out there ... and Ellie's world hasn't ended.
Bugger. So the short will never be included in any collections of mine like Torrent which is all _byte shorts. (Well not until the world ends anyway ...)
This time, I don't want that to happen.

Despite being out most of the day and having Action Man home today I managed 1.5k in this short story. Not a bad effort.

The intention was to write tonight.
Intentions are great ... it's all in the intent. Sigh. (The difference between murder and manslaughter.)
Turns out I'm not really wanting to follow through with my intent to write tonight.
I'm tired.
Very tired.
I'm also see-sawing between being okay and not. It changes by the minute. Nothing anyone can do about it. So it's not really worth giving it much space.
Just missing a few people.
One in particular.
Yeah, I hate it. :)

new pics destined for the website ...

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