Friday, August 30, 2013

Genius file

Well not really, just a random collection of writing prompts I put together for A Writer's Plot ... with instructions to use one or two of the prompts and create a short story.
It's their current challenge.
And it was fun (for me).

This morning I will take the stories and put 'em together in one file with the genius file and send it to the lovely Wendy at the library to print for the WP meeting tomorrow afternoon.
Such fun!!

Apart from that, Friday might be a fairly quiet. Which is good, because I'm tired and really can't be bothered with anything much today. :)

Action Man's father's day presents are sitting on my desk - wrapped and ready.
Everything I had to do yesterday is done and papers sent. Awesome.
In fact despite being freaking tired - I've got everything done that had to be done this week. So yay me.
Even had coffee with @Vilifyingangel yesterday and gave her a copy of snakebyte!
She was happy. :)
Got some sticky felt yesterday - which amused both of us. It's for something. I might get a chance to do it later.
Also, made three soft glasses cases - to stop my glasses scratching when shove them in my jacket pocket. :) Winning.
Only had to scratch two pairs of glasses before it occurred to me that a soft case would be a good idea.

What I haven't done for two days is WRITE.
Was feeling guilty (a little) about that yesterday.
Think writing might happen this morning - maybe.
Really have to check this short story and get it off to Fox Spirit.
So, that, is on the list.
For a change the list is short.

Time to wake Breezy up.
Squealer has a long weekend (teacher only day and then on Monday - midterm break).

It'll be another wet walk to school this morning. Not impressed. Seems to be winter again.

Hope y'all have a good weekend.


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