Friday, August 9, 2013

Choices ...

I figure today will go one of two ways ... it'll either be awesome or a suck fest.
Currently it's walking the knife edge.
One little push and it'll make up its mind.

Am in no man's land on the edge of a blade.

It's got so sunny I had to shut the curtains so I could see the screen. I thought it was going to rain all day, apparently not. That's good. :)

Spending hours checking out blogs by Googling just the name, no link, doesn't do it for me today. I checked 25 yesterday from the 3 page single spaced list. Found 8 that might possibly be useful. Perhaps.
My time could be better spent doing something else I'm sure. :)
Just not sure what the something else is.

There are a lot of things I should/could be doing ...

... send the Romeo story to John.
... add my bio to the end of that story!
... finish this byte short for Fox Spirit.
... just send this application and not wait.
... clean the house
... finish reading eraserbyte (first draft)
... go shoot something (or as Breezy used to say "Glock that mum." Yep, Glock as a verb, gotta love it.)
... walk to the Post Office and send Julia her signed copy of soundbyte
... move the fridge and get the envelope that fell down out - then send it to The Boy Wonder
... burn notebooks (yeah nah)
... run with Romeo
... figure out what I'm making for tea
... plug my PC back in and hope to God the missing files are just sitting there waiting for me.
... phone a friend
... write an email
... do my nails
... listen to Bon Jovi - loud.
... have a coffee

The list is growing.

What will I do?

I'll finish checking all the B's on that fucking list then it's just the rest of the alphabet to go... then go to the Post Office and maybe leave my phone at home so I don't check email while I'm out - maybe there'll be something worth reading when I get back?  :)  (A tarnished Pollyanna today.)

Time we went back to DC, I think. :)

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