Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chasing Pavements

I haven't felt much like blogging lately, I've been doing it, but not really enjoying it.
I think it boils down to feeling like I should when maybe I shouldn't ... yeah, somewhere that does make sense. :)
Maybe not here and maybe not now?

The last couple of weeks haven't been much fun. They've definitely had their moments but in general just not much fun. It's all me though. I haven't been much fun. Taking things too seriously. Not like me at all. Need to stop that shit. :)

I don't think the short I'm writing for Fox Spirit is helping. I did consider ditching it and starting again but then I thought man, I'm 3k in and I kinda wanna know where it's going. Still undecided. I might dump it and start again. I might use Action Man's idea and have Ellie climb Cotopaxi. I might not. Who knows what I'll do? Obviously not me. Winging it big time.

So moving right along.

OMG - the Classic Hits competition that's running at the moment ... I'm pretty sure I've figured out the three songs but can I get through ever?? No. Grrrrr. :)
The first song had me stumped for awhile but I think I have it now! If I am right then two of the songs are favorites of mine.

Moving on again.

WP this weekend.
I can't remember what I said we'd talk about, if indeed I did say? Hmmm. Okay. Oh, that's right, editing again.
Editing is fun, but not everyone thinks so.
Some people have a hard job enjoying that part of the process ... kinda like me and the whole promotion/marketing thing, I guess. :)

In 13 days snakebyte will disappear from Amazon. I don't know if it will return at any point. No decision has been made regarding it's return.
So, if you want to read the novella that comes right after soundbyte and before databyte ... you have 13 days to purchase it. There is a link on the right of this page! (scroll down and look right!)

What else? Ummm nothing.
There ya go. Nothing.
Have lots to say but I don't think I'll be saying it.

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