Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A really quick blog ...

Stupidly busy day.
So low on caffeine right now I'm surprised I am functioning at all. :)

Spent a lot of time trying to find the name of the screenplay I wrote. Yeah, I know, wouldn't it be on the freaking play?? You'd think.
It probably is ... but on my PC not my laptop. My PC is currently a paperweight (thanks kids). Laptop has the unnamed file. All is not lost by any means ... it's just Graeme and I cannot remember what I called the bloody thing. And, having 'untitled screenplay' written anywhere is kinda naff.

Either a new name will emerge or we'll suddenly find it. I think it was Red something? Ring a bell?? Yeah, that was hopeful. :)

So tonight - because I slept 10 magical hours last night - I'm going to watch the Body of Proof episode I missed and probably go to be early again. Not before 7pm like last night though. I did need that sleep. Think I might have needed the Admin afternoon and the wine too and the planning of our next vacation and also the planning of our next themed dinner. (Dave's idea this time!)
And it was really fun galloping to school. hahaha. Oh dear.
Miranda has a lot to answer for.

No idea what magic I will come up with for dinner tonight. Nope, no idea at all, clueless.

Right back to work.
Short story needs finishing.
Found a screenplay I'd started based on a Byte short ... and by God it's fun ... really need to finish that too.

They have all the fun!

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