Saturday, August 17, 2013

6.6 and on it goes ...

Yesterday there was another huge quake from the same fault as July's event. This time we weren't on the Ferry. Such a shame!!
I was about to walk to school and pick up Breezy.
It was a long rolling quake. Quite hard to stand during it. But to be honest, not very scary. It just didn't seem to want to stop.
Big enough that I sent Squealer under my desk and the dog got up and came to me in the doorway.
The Boy Wonder was on Voxer pretty damn quickly - he'd heard about it. (Remember he lives in Sydney now.) His app said it was a 6.9. Think he was quite relieved to know we were okay and there was no damage here.
There was a lot of jumping about with the number ... last night Geonet settled on 6.6.
As well as the 6.6 we had three or four big quakes one after the other, it was hard to tell where one stopped and another began.
While I was walking to school we had another couple. I didn't notice them.
I left Squealer (who has the flu) with the dog at home ... while I went to get Breezy.
They were fine. As long as Squealer is with Romeo she can cope with almost anything - except bees. :)
Everything rolled and moved during the big quake but nothing fell and everything went back to it's original position. Quite odd.
Even Tony the mobster gnome didn't fall ... Dennis tried to make a break for it from the top of the bookcase ... luckily he didn't succeed. No one wants gnomes wandering unchecked around the house. Especially serial killer and mobster ones! (Thought about you as I watched the gnomes try and rock off the bookcase Turner!)
No breakages here, yay, no glasses fell ... freaking amazing! And most importantly no alcohol was harmed.

I did however have a couple of jumpy kids.
Breezy camped under the dining table for a few hours ... until Action Man got home last night. Squealer told me I wasn't allowed to go upstairs and work - so I sat at the table with my laptop.

It took a while to get hold of Dad after the 6.6. He was in Blenheim and walking when the first one hit. He called when he got home. All good. I'm wondering why he has a cell phone though! hahaha. I'm going to need to instruct him in the use of cell phones and how they go with you where ever you go! :)

Last night was rocky. I have no idea how many quakes we actually had - but it seemed a lot of them were moderate to strong with a few 'severe' thrown in. I know there was 6.0 at some stage and a lot of quakes over 5.

Romeo wanted to be near my desk ... smart dog.

On the plus side Cyndi can't blame me for yesterday's quake!! I did nothing to piss the fault line off ... this time. :)

On with Saturday ...
It's raining a lot. Not impressed.
Have Writer's Plot later... looking forward to it.
Going to tie-dye a tee-shirt this morning. Must be almost spring?? :)

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