Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Well that went better than I thought ...

To be fair it's not over yet ... but today was better than I thought it would be.
I wasn't sure how it'd play out ... wasn't too bad. Was okay. Parts were fun ... parts were really fun.
Got a lot of work done.
That always makes me happy.

Think I'm doing okay being 'Mitch' in this chapter - while Ellie is out of commission. Actually kinda enjoying being a guy. GH says I'm on to it and have Mitch's reactions down. So yay me!

(Haven't met Mitch yet?? well, read soundbyte THEN go read snakebyte ... and you'll meet Mitch. I'm loving Mitch.)

This amused me ...
I opened my desk drawer to get a sticky note (not a post-it ... a generic sticky-note ... haven't been to the post-it place since terrorbyte!) and saw how much candy is in my drawer ... the kids think it's full of pens, ones they aren't allowed. I keep it locked!

I have managed to finish the baby ruth bars and the peanut butter cups ... must replenish. It did take me WEEKS though.
I actually don't eat much sweet stuff ... I like it, just don't eat it. Weird.
Nuts however ... I them eat all day long! hahaha

This one ... because it's a perfectly normal thing to have in a pajama drawer ....

Lock up the candy ...

Yeah, nah, weird!

Don't judge me ...
What's in your drawers?? :-)

30 yrs ago today my life changed. It just did. It's not better or worse than it could've been (who would know?) it's different than it was. :-)

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