Monday, July 1, 2013

We have a winner ... this was my weekend!

As you  know I left Friday night ... I posted the first picture to Twitter and Instagram before leaving Wellington and the rest followed over the weekend.

Here are the photos in order of posting:
(The guesses kept me amused!) Gisborne, Nelson, Timaru, Wellington?, Hutt Valley?, Hamilton, Dunedin, Auckland, are you even in NZ?, Honolulu - thanks Alan - loved that one! Gisborne and Hamilton were popular guesses - gotta wonder why!! And finally after the last picture ... someone guessed Christchurch. We are definitely going to play this one again ... such fun!

Departure board Wellington Airport

Picture on the wall of Coffee Culture

sparrows (at the container mall)

Watching the footy. (in Ferrymead)

the view from the hill we walked up

cardboard cathedral -
really, what were they thinking??

The last photo clue ... made it pretty easy!
Andrene guessed it first so she gets my lovely prize pack.
It will be winging it's way to her tomorrow. :)

No one answered my question about the 3 musketeers candy bar. Does that mean I get to eat it?
(Not the one I left in Murray and Tarn's fridge though ... under floor heating and a chocolate bar in my bag ... hmmm, no! hahaha)

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