Friday, July 5, 2013

Today's favorite song ... Amen

I've been working all morning.
Yeah, let's call it work.

I'm enjoying this WIP (eraserbyte). I have enjoyed writing all my books. I wouldn't do it if I didn't enjoy it. Let's be honest about it. You have to love writing to do what I do. I mean REALLY love it. And I do.
Writing is the greatest escape of all.
Not that I need to escape ... as such. Life is good.

Right now ... this minute ... I fucking love every word in this book. Tomorrow I'll be pickier and will deem some of those words shite and re-write them. But now, this moment, I love 'em all.
I found an unexpected conflict while I was writing yesterday and it held up over night and became even more fun today.
I always wondered if the 'thing' with Kurt and Ellie would ever get in the way of their lives. To date, it hadn't. But I saw something yesterday while I was writing and it gave me pause. Today, it's became even more of a thing. Not for them, not at all, because they have no clue how they sound or look from the outside. They're mates. They're colleagues. They rely on each other to do their jobs. They don't think past that. But someone has noticed.
It's become really interesting. Highly possible that it only interests me but I doubt it ... I think a few other people will find this development worthy of comment.

So today the word count sits at 41k the goal is about 100k, which is usual for me - my books tend to come in between 99 and 109k. Not to shabby. Definitely not wordy. Go there with the action and the interaction but not pages of boring description. Too impatient for that.

Today I have also written/re-written notes for tomorrow's Writer's Plot.
Tried to lighten the last few pages up ... not easy.
Started out talking about heroes and defining heroism, ended up talking about courage. Seems like a good time to delve into what it takes to be a writer - while they (and me) are doing a month long 30 or 50K challenge.
This topic will be revisited on Monday in a special post.

This afternoon I am tired. Hit a wall about half an hour ago and then realized I hadn't finished this post!!
So, I'll do this, then I'll go do something completely different for an hour or so. Re-charge.

Been awake since 4:30. So it's no surprising that I'm a tad tired now. I'm in the middle of a book - the middle is not conducive to a good nights sleep ... it's twisty and thready and complicated and I'm just waiting to see where it will all go!

So this is what I've listened to about twelve times today ... not kidding. It just worked for the scene I was writing this morning and I listened to it until I was done.

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