Thursday, July 11, 2013

The fun to be had writing

I know you all hear about how hard it is to write a book ... that's shite.
Seriously. It's not hard it's fun.
Yeah, I've said it before. It's FUN.
If it's fun then it's not hard because you're having fun. See how that works?

Would I be writing if I didn't enjoy and have fun doing it? No. I'd do something else - probably something that actually makes me some money. hahaha

So anyway ... today was pretty much all about technical stuff. Semtex, C4, taggants, IED's. Laying the ground work so next time I mention a taggant (or whatever) everyone knows what I mean but obviously done in away that is interesting and a little bit amusing. Batman and Robin may have been involved. Christopher Chance made an appearance.
That was most of my afternoon. Now ... I'm looking at a romantic scene inside a hospital room. Challenging. Oh yeah.
Of course.
Fun ... hell yes.

This book (eraserbyte) is different, I've said that before too ... just checking to see if you're paying attention.
It's different because Ellie is in a better head space than she's been in a long time and because there is someone very special in her life. He's introduced in snakebyte ... (You have until Aug 26th to purchase that book from Amazon.)
She's happy.
Life has possibilities she'd never considered before but she's still an SSA and very much devoted to her job and still attracting aberrations.
The changes have made the story more fun for me, also more challenging. I wasn't sure I was up to the task of writing anything with romantic overtones. It's not been my thing.
With a little bit of encouragement ... I'm more comfortable in that arena now. I'm not about to write anything that resembles 50 shades of filth ... we're not there. That's not Ellie or Mitch. But loving, sweet, caring, warm, funny ... it's coming along nicely.

Stretching my wings a bit on this book.


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