Sunday, July 14, 2013

The domino effect

And it's got NOTHING to do with pizza. :)

On Friday morning I was smack in the middle of writing this new novel. The middle. Hmmm.
Or at least I thought it was the middle ... and I now know it is but that's beside the point.

The first chapter of this book starts in an abandoned factory with the rescue of a young woman. Great. Always fun to start with action.
I was delighted. As I would be. Gun play, hello? Anyway ... I figured the woman was important I just didn't know why.
Patience Grasshopper.
I left the chapter and moved on.
I am not the worlds most patient person. That could be one of life's great understatements.
Knowing it was important ... but twenty-six chapters later still having no clue why or who she was, seemed quite normal and also annoyed the shit out of me!
And then suddenly I did.
It hit me upside the head on Friday afternoon and I just knew. Everything made sense.
It was like a light suddenly came on.
Exciting. Crazy exciting.

And right after that ... another 13k poured forth. I knew who she was, I knew who her father was, I knew who her sister was ... it was a twisted sick freaking mess. What I still don't know is WHY what happened happened or who is behind it.

But that's the fun that will come in this last third.

Yep, gone from the middle to two thirds.
Just like that. Bam. The domino effect. Everything jumps into place and makes perfect sense.

Okay just like that ... ended in a massive migraine. Which kinda made writing some of that easier than it otherwise would have been. (Bit weird, go with it.)

That became my weekend.
But it was also a fairly social weekend. Which was fun.

Now I'm working my way through the thousands of words I spewed onto the screen ... and tiding them up. Such fun.

How was your weekend??

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