Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sleep, overrated?

Maybe ... well, okay, not. But what can you do?

Turns out last night I got no sleep.

Little bit tired today but nothing vitamins and a massive dose of caffeine won't fix. Big night tonight, so something has to fix it! :)

The problem was ... (was kinda silly actually) ... before I went to bed I decided to read over yesterdays work. Never a good idea just before bed. It woke my brain up but not in a helpful way because my body was still tired. REALLY tired. Grrrrr.

The night was long. Very long.

Prior to me deciding to turn the laptop on and open the eraserbyte file I'd had a lovely relaxing evening watching Keen Eddie with a G&T and L&P chocolate. Nice. Lots of laughter.
Squealer really loves Keen Eddie ... her favorite line (go on bet you can guess ...) "I'm Eddie, how do ya like me so far?" Yep, she laughs and repeats it every time. :) Although  last night she laughed an awful lot over Miss Hornypenny. (Think maybe she just got that! hahaha)

This morning ... I worked. Yep. Some of the night's wakefulness contained a new scene and a face. One I didn't expect to see where I saw it. (Cryptic.) Turned out to be a lot of fun this morning. :)

Very soon I am off to host Writer's Plot ... then it's home, and get organised for a Miranda themed dinner tonight. Promises to be hilarious. Big glasses are on tonight. Saves all that tedious refilling ... as long as we all remember ... two-hands for beginners. :)

Phone is charging ... expect photos.

Don't think I've used my camera since getting my new phone. Loving the HTC.

Just for fun ...

Do you know which byte novel this excerpt is from?

“Agent Conway was expressing her opinion on the current events,” Cait replied.
“Bet she used nicer words than I did.”

Cait smiled at her brother. “Bet I find a GPS tracking device attached to my car tomorrow morning.”

Your options are:
killerbyte, terrorbyte, exacerbyte, flashbyte, soundbyte, snakebyte

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