Thursday, July 25, 2013

Posting from Mahau Sound ...

As you know, the girls and I left Wellington for Mahau on Sunday. Due to Ferry delays we were on the boat in the middle of Cook Strait when the 6.5 earthquake hit at 5.09PM.
That was quite an experience. Not disturbing but interesting. Who knew you could feel quakes at sea? Well, the Captain did. They have to be substantial before it happens. It was.
Quite glad we were at sea .. because the kids weren't traumatized or even bothered at all. Whew!
So, in the middle of the Strait there was a scramble from passengers to get information ... and contact relatives and friends back in Wellington. Because if we felt it like we did ... then Wellie must've REALLY felt it. And they did. But not too much damage.
Action Man and Romeo were fine, shaken but okay. Romeo was a bit clingy for a few days ... fair enough too! House okay. A few things fell off shelves but nothing broke at home.
Rather hoping that the fault settles the hell down before we head home on Saturday. :)
Last I heard we'd had over 1000 quakes since the big one. I've probably felt 4. hahaha

So anyway, we're in Mahau. It's all kinda of awesome. This is home.
Have discovered that this time I am REALLY missing WiFi though, and have chewed through a shite load of data on my phone ... blaming the earthquake and the quest for finding information. Also, writing and needing to check things as I go. I really HATE having to leave myself notes to look stuff up later. Yes, I am impatient. Always have been, it ain't going to change any time soon. :)

Update on the 50k challenge ... well ... I'll be done before I go home on Saturday and by early August eraserbyte will be a complete first draft - sitting happily about 90k which will give me wriggle room for extra scenes etc. That's pretty exciting, because once I have a complete first draft* it's detail, extra threads and super fun time. Once it's a complete first draft* I will send it to GH to read and send it to my kindle for me to read. Compare notes and I'll start fleshing various scenes out and tweaking others, and adding whatever needs adding. I LOVE that part of writing. It's so much fun.
Eraserbyte is fairly freaking twisted and to be honest hasn't always always been a fun journey but closing in the end is making me happy!!

Look ... pretty ... snakebyte novella ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL AUG 26.

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